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Frequently Asked Questions


Our December 2022 and 2023 breaks are available to book now.

Location & Time Difference

Our flights are to Kittilä in Finnish Lapland which is about 180km north of the Arctic Circle. Finland is two hours ahead of the UK.

Local currency

The currency in Lapland is the Euro. We recommend that you purchase Euros in the UK as in Lapland you will have no access to banks/exchange offices. Credit/debit cards are widely accepted.

Flights to/from Lapland

All flights with Magic of Lapland are chartered with British Airways. Flight duration is approximately 3.5 hours. Although we aim to pre-seat all our flights and try to keep families together, this is not always possible. Our breaks between January and April are without flights. We recommend booking flights with Finnair or British Airways.

Itineraries in Lapland

You can find the itinerary for each break on its own page. On arrival to Lapland our Lappish guides will provide the final itinerary with exact activity times. This last itinerary should be followed. Please note that itinerary and times may vary to fit local conditions.


During your stay some activities that you take part in will involve being near animals – mainly huskies and reindeer. On the husky farm some dogs are in fenced kennels and some are on leashes. Although the huskies are naturally friendly and are accustomed to human contact, children should still be supervised when interacting with the dogs as they are working animals and not pets. You will also have the opportunity to be in close contact with reindeer. Please remember that reindeer are wild animals and although they spend some of the year with their herders the majority of the year they roam freely in the region and are not to be treated as domesticated animals. If startled or approached from behind reindeer may kick so please ensure children are not left unattended with reindeer.

Snowmobiles and Arctic Activities in Lapland

Please note that local agents in Lapland are required by their insurance companies and the law to inform all clients prior to taking part in the snowmobile ride that there is an excess as a personal liability of the client. Local agents are required by law to provide snowmobiles that are easy to handle, in the good condition and developed for the demanding Arctic conditions. Arrangements are made for the supply of suitable clothing, safety and protection. Technical and operational instruction on the maneuvering of the snowmobiles will be provided in English before each safari and supervised by approved instructors. The driver of the snowmobile must hold a valid driving license and will be required to present it prior to taking the part in snowmobile safari. Finnish law prohibits driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol. Similar regulations are in force for other Arctic activities including reindeer and husky dog rides. Please note that all activities are taken on voluntary basis. If you do not feel comfortable in taking part in any of the activities or you are unsure and need further instruction or information please advise our Lappish hosts or Magic of Lapland representative.

Children on Magic of Lapland Holidays

On our Lapland day and short breaks, in addition to Arctic activities such as reindeer rides and husky dog rides, we arrange for plenty of activities to keep children busy. These are: tobogganing, snow shoe walking, kick-sledging, supervised children snowmobiling and tandem skiing. On snowmobile safaris children are pulled in a sleigh behind the snowmobiles. Please note that parents/guardians are responsible for supervision of their children throughout their holiday in Lapland. We suggest that parents assess the ability of their children prior to taking any of the snow activities in Lapland and take part in children’s snowmobiling. Although all activities are supervised by local agents in Lapland and both venues and equipment are safe and comply with local regulations, accidents happen. We strongly recommend that parents/guardians supervise their children whilst they participate in any one activity or indeed in any one activity accompanied by parent/guardian. Toboggans we provide can accommodate up to 2 people. If your child has no previous experience in snow/tobogganing please make sure that you use gentle slopes and supervise your children at all times or toboggan with them. Helmets are not required by law to be worn.

Food in Lapland

Food on short breaks is a combination of local Lappish food and international dishes. A vegetarian option is available on all trips. Children option is available on most locations and accommodation. Special dietary requirements, inclusive of vegetarian option must be submitted at the time of booking in order to ensure availability. On day trips we arrange for a simple meal, usually soup with bread and coffee, tea and a warm juice. There is also the option to BBQ sausages on an open fire.

Daylight in Lapland

Daylight is limited to 3-5 hours between approximately 10am and 2pm. All locations in Lapland are lit with candles and log fires, and on some locations this is the only source of light. Snow reflections add an extra to the visibility; however some locations if activities are taken after the daylight hours may feel dark. We advise you to take extra care when boarding coach or mini bus as despite of regular cleaning snow or ice can build up. Surfaces on activity places can be icy and slippery.

Temperatures and Clothing in Lapland

Please note that temperatures may fall below -35C and it can be extremely cold. We provide for all in one thermal overall, boots, mittens and balaclava. We recommend that you wear thermal overall and boots at least one size bigger than your usual size.
We recommend that you take with you to Lapland plenty of thin layers so that you can add or remove to fit the temperature, extra hat and gloves, scarf and plenty of socks. We would also recommend hot pads for children as hands and feet tend to get cold quickest. They can be bought in outdoor/ski shops and once taken out of their packaging heat up and stay warm for 2 hours.


Never use the sauna after a meal. Please allow at least three hours between eating and using the sauna. It is also not advisable to drink alcohol prior or during the use of a sauna. If you have any questions regarding the sauna see the manual at the hotel/cabin or ask a member of staff.

Hotels and Cabins – Lapland Short Breaks

• Please note that not all accommodation has a telephone in the room/cabin. We strongly advise that you bring a mobile phone with you in case of an emergency. The emergency number for the police, ambulance and fire department is 112. You do not need to a country code before this and it can also be dialed from a telephone that has no SIM card.
• In Scandinavian style some bathrooms are equipped with wet rooms as opposed to bathtubs or shower cubicles. Please take extra precaution with children when using the wet rooms as they can be slippery.
• To remain Eco-friendly towels and bed linen are changed before and after your visit but not during. If you wish for your towels and linens to be changed daily please advise us at the time of booking (there may be an extra charge).
• If you are staying in a cabin you will be given guided tour around the property. You local guide will brief you on the use of kitchen/bathroom appliances, sauna and fire place use. Please read carefully and follow all instructions in detail whist operating electric/gas appliances, fire place and sauna, consult the manual provided, make a note of emergency numbers. If you are unsure of how to use sauna or fire place please do not operate without asking for the further information. Final cleaning of the cabin is included, however if the cabin is left extremely untidy that requires extra cleaning or if any damage is caused to the cabin and its appliances, you will be required to settle additional cost of the cleaning/damage before your return to UK.


Required Documents

Passport, flight tickets, confirmation invoice, insurance documents and valid driving licence. Valid passport is required for each individual.  No visas are required for the holders of UK passport. Valid driving license is required for those who drive snowmobiles.

Lapland Travel Insurance

We consider travel insurance as an essential part of your day or short break. Insurance can be purchased through any provider but please ensure that your policy includes cover for winter sports activities including huskies, snowmobiles and reindeer trips as well as skiing.