Short Breaks

The Magic of Lapland

Iridescent green illuminates the night sky, darting through the air as if conjured by magic. Whisps of snow gently fall against the window pane, while a firepit crackles on. The silent husky pounds across frozen ground…Lapland.

Sitting atop Finland and covering nearly 40,000 square miles of breathtaking scenery, Lapland is the beautiful backdrop to some truly magical pursuits. Take the chance to be one of the few people to witness the extraordinary power of the Aurora Borealis, meet the locals when you join the indigenous Sami people on a traditional reindeer farm, experience the adrenaline of a husky safari, as you course through the forests. And of course take time out to relax, while the snow softly and silently falls outside. It’s time to discover the true delights lapland has to behold…

A Christmas experience to treasure forever…

Meeting Santa is of course the highlight of all of our festive breaks in December and we take extra care to make sure it is a truly memorable experience for the whole family, with every element considered to make sure the little ones sustain their belief from start to finish.

Ahead of the trip children are asked to write their letters to Santa; a personalized response inviting them to visit him in Lapland is returned from Saint Nicholas himself. Every family has a private audience with Santa, where children will see the original letter they sent and receive a gift.

What's included?

• Fully chartered, direct flights to/from Lapland with British Airways
• Services of Magic of Lapland representatives and Lappish hosts in Lapland
• Accommodation in Lapland with meals on full board basis
• Refreshments on activity places
• Husky dog safari (5km)
• Snowmobile and reindeer sleigh ride to Santa’s cabin (Lodge 67̊N, Akas Cabins, Golems & Okta Cabins)
• Reindeer safari (Torassieppi, Ylläs Catered & Luxury Cabins, Arctic Luxury Cabins)

• Wilderness snowmobile safari (25km)
• Mini snowmobiles for children to drive (Lodge 67N & Torassieppi)
• Lappish Ceremony (Lodge 67̊N)
• Make gingerbread cookies and Christmas decorations (Lodge 67̊N, Torassieppi, Ylläs Catered & Luxury Cabins)
• Gift for all children up to 12 years of age
• Thermal clothing inclusive of thermal suit, boots, mittens, and warm socks (clothing for infants 0-2 years on request)
• Children can write letters to Santa and receive a letter from Santa inviting children to visit him in Lapland
• Individual family visit to Santa in Lapland

Äkäs Catered & Luxury Cabins

The Äkäs Catered Cabins are situated on the edge of Äkäslompolo village, on the doorstep of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Finland’s third largest national park. Äkäslompolo is enveloped by breathtaking scenery and is the perfect setting for Arctic adventure and a magical, festive atmosphere. Reindeer are often seen walking through the village and past hotels and shops. Meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your cabin by our catering company. We also provide a welcome basket with wine and refreshments.

Äkäslompolo & Lodge 67̊N

The familiar warmth of the traditional log wood, the light and joy eminating from within. At the heart of Äkäslompolo village sits Lodge 67̊N, a delightful privately run lodge simultaneously embracing Christmas charm and the feel of Arctic adventure. With a handful of standard rooms, one suite and one apartment this small lodge offers a truly personal touch. Snow crunches underfoot, the breeze utters on your face, the welcoming warmth ahead calls you in. Glittering candles on every table, rustic wood surrounds and not to mention the breathtaking Scandinavian cuisine, specially prepared for our guests by the meticulously passionate chefs. Work up an appetite with a day out finding Santa, making decorations and barbecuing sausages on the open fire and then fall into a deep slumber ready throw yourself into new adventures in the morning.

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm

Catching the flickering light, the ice glistens and sparkles while a faint frost travels on the breeze. Torassieppi Reindeer Farm has been delighting visitors since 1847, and still today it gives the warmest of welcomes in the coldest of climates. Almost completely remote, the land comprises several cabins, clustered on the lake’s edge, as well as a working family reindeer farm and museum. Make the most of this extraordinary site, where every activity is on your doorstep – from reindeer and husky safaris to making pancakes on an open fire whilst waiting for the Northern Lights.

Ylläs Catered & Luxury Cabins

Beyond the striking glass the snow falls delicately against the pane, while a white light casts its glow even further still; inside the flames within the fireplace flicker and prance. Take a respite from the outdoors, with a family board game or Christmas movie. The Ylläs Catered and Luxury Cabins are scattered across the small village of Ylläsjärvi and are the perfect Scandinavian retreat from which to step into Lappish wilderness and adventure. With an itinerary packed with husky, reindeer and snowmobile safaris and of course meeting Santa, a wonderfully prepared, three course dinner in the comfort of your cabin is the perfect way to end your day.

Golbma & Okta Luxury Cabins

Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Lapland, the Golbma and Okta are newly constructed cabins standing as a testament to modern luxury in a pristine wilderness. The architecture blends contemporary design with the natural surroundings, offering a picturesque retreat for those seeking both comfort and adventure.

For a more private experience, guests enjoy private transfers and the convenience of a private chef, whilst activities are taken in small groups. Indulge in bespoke meals, from hearty breakfasts to three course dinners, showcasing local flavours and global influences.

Arctic Luxury Cabins

Watch the cold wind dancing outside the window, whipping up snow as it goes. Experience true Lappish luxury from within, with Arctic Luxury Cabins fashioned from stone, wood and glass, each unique in personality, and all exemplary in standard. Shut out the world and enjoy the rarity of true relaxation, either from the warmth of indoors within the cabin’s sauna, or in the fresh, bracing air in the outdoor Jacuzzi or why not retire to your unique Lappish hut, where you’ll be greeted by a stunning open fire, reindeer hides on which to recline, and even the opportunity to barbecue your dinner in the magnificence of an Arctic winter. With all the comforts of home and the added opulence of a round the clock concierge and dinners created by your personal chef, this is Lappish living of the highest order.